Covid 19 Policies and Procedures for the Wedding Day

Something You is taking Covid19 very seriously for the health and safety of all of our clients and staff.  Given the close proximity in which we work, we have a new list of policies that must be followed on the wedding day.  These policies have been developed in accordance with the CDC, OSHA, and The PA State Board of Cosmetology.  You and your bridal party can feel confident that your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and our services have been adapted to meet the current needs of the public.

Something You Staff Members have been instructed to strictly enforce these policies on the wedding day and will not be able to provide service to those that refuse to comply.  We ask that you share these policies with your entire party so that everyone is on the same page.

Something You Updated Covid19 Policies:

1. We require a separate space to provide services.  Only the artists and the clients they're working on in that moment can be in the space at any given time.  This can be a separate room in a home, a bedroom within a hotel suite that is closed off, or any hotel room of another guest/bridal party member.  Guests may not come in and out of the room so keep this in mind if it is connected to the only bathroom.

2. All clients must wear a mask (provided by them) and follow the artist’s instructions regarding the mask during their service.  Per the State Board of Cosmetology, if a client refuses to wear a mask, we are unable to provide any services.

3. All clients must wash their hands immediately before/after their service.

4. All clients must sign a waiver stating that they have no symptoms of any type of illness.  Something You reserves the right for all artists to refuse services if they feel it might impact the health and safety of themselves or others.  In the event that someone is experiencing any symptoms, we ask that they do not receive services and no cancellation fee will be charged.

5. Please do not eat or drink anything during your service and keep all food and beverages outside of the hair/makeup room.

6. Please keep talking to a minimum while having services.

7. All clients will bring and apply their own lip color as this is a high risk area of application. 

8. Due to the extreme sanitation measures we will be following, service times may be longer than anticipated, and Something You may be required to start earlier to have all services completed in time for your photographer’s arrival.

9. We are not able to provide blowdry services at this time.  Because of this, it is imperative that everyone receiving hair services arrives with clean, 100% dry hair as even slightly damp hair cannot be styled with hot tools .  We can style with hot tools to add volume and style to hair that is being worn down.


10. All services will be referred to as a consultation going forward.


In turn, Something You artists will:

1. Wear masks the entire time they are with your group.

2. Take temperatures before leaving for work each day and stay home in the event that they are experiencing any type of illness.  Another artist will be sent in their place.

3. Sanitize their station and tools before and after every client.

4. Wash hands or sanitize before and after every client.

5. Provide separate makeup application brushes and instruments per client and put them into a separate, closable, bag after the application.

6. Provide fully sanitized hair tools per client and will follow disinfecting guidelines according to the manufacturer of the product.

7. Ensure the highest level of safety and sanitation as recommended by the CDC, OSHA, and State Board of Cosmetology.

By signing below, I agree to the above policies and understand that the artists and contractors of Something You Onsite Beauty Services LLC agree to abide by these same standards and affirm the same.  I affirm that I will share these policies with all involved in the wedding day morning and that those that do not comply will not be able to receive services.  Something You will not be required to refund for services not rendered due to non-compliance.

Covid19 Policy Acceptance

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