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Covid 19 Policies and Procedures for the Wedding Day

Something You is taking Covid19 very seriously for the health and safety of all of our clients and staff.  Given the close proximity in which we work, we have policies that must be followed on the wedding day.  These policies have been developed in accordance with the CDC, OSHA, and The PA State Board of Cosmetology.  You and your bridal party can feel confident that your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and our services have been adapted to meet the current needs of the public.

Something You Staff Members have been instructed to enforce these policies on the wedding day.

Something You Updated Covid19 Policies:

1. We require a designated area to provide services.  Only the artists and the clients they're working on in that moment should be in the space at any given time.  This can be a separate area in a home, a bedroom within a hotel suite, any hotel room of another guest/bridal party member.  If another room is not available, an area that is designated for the artists and their clients is fine.  We just need to keep our products tools sanitary and not have lots of people crowding them.  All artists can work in the same room as long as they have space to work and set up their tools. 

2. Masks are optional.  If you would prefer to wear a mask, please do so.  The artist will instruct you on when to remove it to complete your makeup service.

3. Anyone who has tested positive for Covid 19 in the 5 days prior to the wedding should not receive services.  After that point, we can provide hair services while fully masked, but makeup will require them to remove their mask which is not acceptable within the 10 day quarantine.

4. Please do not eat or drink anything during your service and keep all food and beverages outside of the hair/makeup area.


In turn, Something You artists will:

1. Wear masks when requested.  If an artist is not wearing a mask and you'd feel more comfortable, they will have no issue at all to put it on when requested.

2. Sanitize their station and tools before and after every client.

3. Monitor themselves for any symptoms and not come to work when sick.  Another artist will be sent in their place.

4. Wash hands or sanitize before and after every client.

5. Provide separate makeup application brushes and instruments per client and put them into a separate, closable, bag after the application.

6. Provide fully sanitized hair tools per client and will follow disinfecting guidelines according to the manufacturer of the product.

7. Ensure the highest level of safety and sanitation as recommended by the CDC, OSHA, and State Board of Cosmetology.

By signing below, I agree to the above policies and understand that the artists and contractors of Something You Onsite Beauty Services LLC agree to abide by these same standards and affirm the same.  I affirm that I will share these policies with all involved in the wedding day morning and that those that do not comply will not be able to receive services.  Something You will not be required to refund for services not rendered due to non-compliance.

Covid19 Policy Acceptance

Thanks for helping us limit the spread of Covid19!

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