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My Story - How my disaster of a wedding day shaped Something You for the better

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

I was one of those people that dreamed about my wedding since I was a little girl. The dress, the shoes, the veil – I wanted it all! I started dating my husband when I was 15 years old and we finally got engaged 10 years later. Over those 10 years, I envisioned our wedding day over and over again. I pictured the absolute best day and all of our dreams coming true. I thought about what colors the bridesmaids would wear and what time of year we’d love the most. I went back and forth between a gorgeous spring day and a crisp fall wedding, but never once did I picture snow!

My husband and I got married on October 29th, 2011. For those of you that are local to the Philadelphia area, yes, that was that one Halloween weekend where it snowed! I believe it was the first time on record that it snowed more than 2 inches in the Philadelphia area in October EVER. Of all the days we could have gotten married over all those years together, we chose this one!

In all honesty, the day was a bit of a mess. Nothing was shoveled or plowed as our area was not prepared to handle measurable snow in October. How can you plan for snow when it has never happened before? I was as stressed out as it gets – and trust me, I’ve worked with hundreds of brides in my career, and I was the worst! The snow was coming down and we had no idea how things would pan out.

Our wedding taught me many things that have helped shape my business. I learned the importance of working with top notch vendors to handle whatever may happen the day of the wedding. Our hair and makeup artist (shout out to Heather), photographer, videographer, and florist all arrived on schedule despite the snow and went right to work. They used the weather to their advantage and delivered unique and gorgeous work that you wouldn’t typically see in October. We have photos of pumpkins covered in snow, and flakes falling as my husband and I snuggled up in the cold. Our venue was incredible and jumped to fix every single hiccup that came our way (I found out after the fact that the venue had no electricity and our entire wedding was powered by a generator). Our band knocked it out of the park and had the entire wedding on the dance floor until the final song, making us all forget what was going on outside.

I also learned that skimping on vendors (even 1) has the potential to completely derail your day. When booking our transportation, we saved some money and booked a vendor that I had never heard of before. They didn’t seem to do many weddings but they did have a handful of good reviews on their website and I figured “What could go wrong?” Big mistake. Big. Huge. The bus never showed up and we had to pile into cars in the snow and drive ourselves to the church so we didn’t push our timeline back even further. The bus finally arrived as we were leaving our ceremony (a good 90 minutes after scheduled) and drove us to the venue. Then the driver got lost on the way back from picking up our guests at the hotel (it was 5 minutes away, but an hour later they never arrived). About 75% of our guests missed most of cocktail hour because they were either stuck on the bus or at the hotel waiting to be picked up. Not only did we lose money on the empty cocktail hour, but the stress level was through the roof. My husband’s parents were on the lost bus and never even made it for pictures. If I could go back, I’d pay for the absolute best transportation vendor out there regardless of cost because our wedding day could have gone infinitely better had the driver been prepared with a navigation system or printed directions (these were the days before phones had GPS).

At Something You, we never want to be the vendor that drops the ball. We are organized and prepared. We build a timeline and coordinate with your vendors to be sure everyone is on the same page. We hire only the absolute top artists in the area that are professionally licensed in their craft. We strive to be the best of the best and to give our brides a stress-free morning.

We had quite a few hiccups on our wedding day but in the end, every one of our guests eventually arrived safely, and we had an incredible time. It’s been 8 years and we have an amazing life and three beautiful boys so maybe that whole thing about bad weather being good luck was true! The best part was hopping on a plane a few days later and island hopping in Hawaii. You can read more about that here.

Fun fact: Hurricane Sandy hit the area exactly one year later on our anniversary!


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