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Let's Talk Sanitation in the Beauty Industry

Any licensed artist - whether they're a cosmetologist or esthetician - will tell you that you don't learn much technique while in school. The main goal of cosmetology or esthetics school is to pass the licensing exam that is required to provide beauty services in the state. So, if you're only learning the basics in school, what's so great about the license that comes out of it? It's all about safety and sanitation, which, to us, is as important as skill and precision.

The State Board, who oversees all of the licensing requirements and exams, are focused on making sure that cosmetologists and estheticians are not spreading disease or injuring their clients above anything else. The purpose of the licensing exam is to be sure that the artist is providing safe and sanitary services. If the artist does an incredible hair cut but they don't clean their station, tools, and hands before and after the service, they will fail the test. In the midst of a global pandemic, who else is thrilled that these licensing requirements exist?!

You want to be sure that any artist touching your hair or skin is licensed in their state. This will ensure that they are trained properly in sanitation and have likely already been implementing safe procedures in their workspace. Many states have increased precautions due to the pandemic, and the best salons will be following policies and taking sanitation to the next level.

Every artist working for Something You has an active license in their state. We are a fully licensed and insured salon. Our studio is private, so it will only be you and your artist in the space at any given time. Everyone in the building must wear a mask at all times, and all surfaces and tools are wiped down in between each client. If you're not comfortable coming to us, or just find it more convenient, we offer our services in the comfort and safety of your own home as well. That's right, we'll bring the spa to you and take care of your brows and lashes in between your zoom calls! If you're in the Philadelphia area, click here to book an appointment with us. If you're looking for a full day of beauty in your own home, add hair services with our friends at Concihairge! They are a fully licensed in-home salon that provides gorgeous cut and color services. Having both companies traveling to you will safely keep your hair and brows on point, even in a pandemic!


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